Eat, Pray, Meet in Jambi 


By Fred Thomas, member of the Indonesia Partnership

We arrived in Sumatra’s capital, Jambi City, and for 2.5 days several key leaders and I discussed Vineyard values with a group of people interested knowing more about the Vineyard. We met with couples individually as well, some of whom are Vineyard Institute graduates, like Patricia and Patrick (see photo).

Our time in Jambi felt very rewarding, and we summed it up in three words: MEETING, PRAYING, EATING. There was a lot of all three!

One of our eating times, Yohan and Lily invited us to dinner after all the meetings were finished. It was our last night, and it was his father’s birthday. For those of a Chinese descent, such as Yohan’s family, birthdays are big events! We were led upstairs to a room where his father and about twenty-five others greeted us. When the evening quieted down and the guests began to trickle back to their homes, we were invited to pray a blessing over Yohan’s father.

That birthday blessing prayer led to a healing prayer party when a man who was experiencing kidney problems asked for prayer too. As the prayers went up to the Father, the man felt relief from the pain. Then an elderly woman asked for prayer for her back, and although she was wearing a back brace, the heat radiating from her back as we prayed was so strong we could feel it seeping through the brace! Finally, Lily asked for prayer that she would get pregnant and have a child (see photo below with caption). The next day a mutual friend of ours told us that Lily said she felt something moving inside when we prayed. 

Enjoy some snapshots of our time in Jambi talking about Vineyard values:

 As you can see from the intense fasting prayer meeting pictured here, it wasn’t all Eat, Pray, Meet, but pretty close!