Morocco: A Son Comes Home

A Son Comes Home.jpg

By Anonymous Vineyard Leader

Well, he had a very estranged relationship with his parents. His parents didn’t even want him around the house, and one day he got into a fight with his parents and they kicked him out of the house. They told him to never come back. So, he came over, and I said, “Well, let me pray for you.” I laid hands on him, and I asked the Holy Spirit to come. I asked Him to bless the son and to restore the relationship he had with his parents. I prayed, all this was in Arabic of course, “Lord, when he goes back, let his parents ask him to return to the house.”

Well, he was crying--and that is often the experience we have, that when people experience the touch of Jesus’ hand, they would cry.--and I said, “Be sure to let me know what happens.” Well, about two days later, he comes back, and he’s just jumping all around!

Apparently when he went back home, his father asked him to return to the house, exactly as we had prayed. And forgave him. He said he’d never experienced that from his father before.