On a Mission from God

Vineyard Institute Indonesia students after a class on the Kingdom of God, pictured with Keith Henderson, Yusak Tanasyah, and Roy Conwell (in front).

Vineyard Institute Indonesia students after a class on the Kingdom of God, pictured with Keith Henderson, Yusak Tanasyah, and Roy Conwell (in front).

Mountain Vineyard is new to the Indonesia Partnership and we are excited to be part of what God is doing. I have gone on one trip to Indonesia, with Keith Henderson, which has been transforming for me and our church. It would be safe to say that our church has not been the same since we came home. 

Our church got energized about the library and the educational efforts to be made in Indonesia. We contributed about 2,700 books to the library. Several women came each week and sorted out the books as well as packing them in the recommended boxes. One day, Fred Thomas, who was in charge of shipping the books, called me to inform me that the shipping company switched the pickup day to a weekday instead of that Saturday. I told him that most of our church is at work during the week and that those who are not at work could not lift these heavy boxes. We prayed together and asked God to provide workers and give the desire to those who could come to do so. That evening I sent the word out in our church that we needed help. Volunteers would have to take the day off, drive 2 hours north and do some heavy lifting so that we could get the library books to Indonesia. At the time this seemed to be an impossible request to be accomplished in just a few days! However, before you could imagine, 6 strong men volunteered. They took the day off of work and we all got in a van at 5:30 am, drove north through Seattle before the traffic started, and arrived a Fred’s in time to load the truck. We all worked hard with unity and joy that we were serving the Lord for the sake of the gospel in Indonesia. It was all done on time!

We went back to Fred’s home, had a cup of coffee and listened to Fred tell the story of his life as a missionary to the Philippines and then how God spoke to him in his retirement to serve in Indonesia. Several men told me later that they would do it all over again just to hear Fred’s Testimony. When we got back to our church parking lot, everyone who helped said that they felt they were just on “a mission from God.” 

Personally and as a church we are grateful to participate in serving the Indonesian partnership. We believe God is doing something amazing there, and we look forward to the future together.


Roy Conwell has been the Senior Pastor of Mountain Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Covington, Washington for over 25 years. He has been serving as representative of the Missions Task Force in the Northwest region and as the Area Pastoral Care Leader. Roy and his wife, Gail, have past missions experience in the Dominican Republic, Alaska, the Amazon, and Mexico. Currently, they are working in Nicaragua, Japan, Korea, and Kazakhstan. Roy graduated from the University of Puget Sound and received his Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 1976 and was ordained by 1977. In 2010, Roy completed his Doctorate in theology (DMin) through Bakke Graduate University.


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