Helping Jose

Jose was a handyman who helped at a children’s home in Santa Cruz, Bolivia that we’ve been supporting for the past several years. He fell off a ladder the week before we came and broke both arms. He could afford neither his surgeries nor the income he would lose. 

On the Sunday we left, we were able to raise $1400 for him. He came to the men's meeting, where one of the men from our church witnessed the story of how he came to faith. Jose hung on every word and gave his life to Christ.  As we prayed for him, all of the pain left both arms! And then we were able to give him the money - it was priceless.

I love the Vineyard churches of Bolivia - they are a tremendous investment in the kingdom, and we in the US Vineyards should be doing everything we can to support them - mission trips, interns, training, financial aid.  But I believe works of compassion and justice along with church planting can both having a tremendous impact in affecting the nation.