Mission accomplished!

Back in October of 2014 another teammate invited me to go to China. I was excited about meeting the church of China, with anticipation that God was going to teach me something about the church and about myself.

Immediately God provided all of the funds I needed and I knew it was God’s will that I go. However, as the time ticked down to leave for China my anxiety disorder kicked in and I started realizing that I was headed to a place far away from my family. Up until the morning I got on the plane I continued to think I could back out of the trip. (My team didn’t even know this.) But God assured me that when I got with my family in the Chinese church I would be home and everything would be just fine. 

Immediately we entered into the presence of God and for the next four days God did things in me and through me that I had not experienced to this intensity since I was in my late teens. I had such clarity of the Spirit’s voice and was moving in an intense anointing of the Spirit. It was simply amazing! I even saw one lady instantly healed from her pain of arthritis when I prayed with her! 

Probably my favorite moment was having the opportunity to mentor a young Chinese pastor in praying for people and seeing God move mightily through him. At one point, a lady asked if I would pray for her. I quickly turned to my young friend who was also my interpreter and told him to tell her in Mandarin, “I am leaving China.” I went on to instruct her that this young pastor would still be here and that I was going to assist him in praying for her. Well, he didn’t need my assistance. He laid hands on her and immediately the power of God fell heavily on her and she almost could not stand up. In my mind I thought, “Mission accomplished!” 

But what God did through me is not as powerful as what he did in me. I came back with a hope that this intensity and hunger that I saw in the Chinese church would carry forward and I would see my own church grow in this intensity. During a leadership meeting in my home I had a young lady describe a wave that she saw carrying me and that it was not going to crash. Immediately I know that this wave was the one that I was caught up in while in China! Oh, and the anxiety disorder? I haven’t taken any medicine since I was in China. God has given me strength and healed me of the anxiety. I have a 10-year visa. I can’t wait to see my family in China again, and I am excited to see what God does with the China/Taiwan Partnership!