Extraordinary stories from ordinary people.  

What does missions work really look like? 

Much of what we provide is the "how to" of missions. And as important as it is to have a clear roadmap and agreed-upon set of expectations to do this work, it doesn't reveal the "why" behind any decision to engage in missions.

This is why we capture stories. 

You're invited to meet some ordinary people with extraordinary and powerful stories to tell. These are stories of individuals exalted and communities transformed. They are stories that speak to our hearts and invite us to take action. 

If you need a compelling reason as to why missions matter -- or if missions should become a priority within your local church -- we encourage you to spend some time with these stories, starting with this brief video.


Do you have a story that you'd like to contribute? Let us know here.


“If you’re a teacher, a factory worker, a mom, a youth in high school, or whatever – you’ve got a role. You can be people that bring hope to people that have no hope.”

ROSS NAYLOR-TATTERSON |  Pastor, Without Walls Vineyard, Holland, MI | Indonesia Partnership