Iberian Partnership

About this partnership

We have been working in the Iberian Peninsula  for over 20 years. There are currently 5 Vineyard churches in various stages of development.

Two churches in and around Barcelona, one church in San Sebastián, one church in Córdoba, and one in Menorca. God has given us friends all over the country and we look forward to helping plant and establish many more churches in the coming years.



Population: 47.7 million

Number of Vineyard Churches: 5

Primary Religion: Roman Catholicism

Government: Parliamentary Monarchy

Ave. Education: 17 years

About Spain

Spain, on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, is really 17 autonomous regions, each with its own geography and culture. Spain experienced a prolonged recession in the wake of the global financial crisis. Economic growth resumed briefly in late 2013, albeit only modestly, as credit contraction in the private sector, fiscal austerity, and high unemployment continued to weigh on domestic consumption and investment. Exports, however, have been resilient throughout the economic downturn and helped to bring Spain's current account into surplus in 2013 for the first time since 1986. The unemployment rate rose from a low of about 8% in 2007 to more than 26% in 2013, straining Spain's public finances as spending on social benefits increased while tax revenues fell.


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Partnership Leader:
Randy Chase

I helped plant the first Vineyard church in Spain back in 1992. My family and I lived in Barcelona for about 9 years and loved working with Spaniards around the country. We came back to the States in 2001 and began to direct the partnership in 2001 or 2002. We are currently church planting in the town where we live - Mountain View, CA.

Current Church Partners

There are currently six churches in our partnership: 4 on the east coast and 2 on the west coast.

Vineyard of the South Shore (Kingston, MA)

Vineyard of New Haven (New Haven, CT)

Vineyard of Hopkinton (Hopkinton, MA)

Vineyard Crossroads (Wareham, MA)

Imperial Valley Vineyard (El Centro, CA)

El Camino Vineyard (Mountain View, CA)

Partnership Opportunities 

Please contact Randy Chase for current opportunities. 

Consider joining our partnership by clicking the link atop this page. Together we can impact Iberian Peninsula for generations to come.