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Here's what's Happening in our region:

We’re seeing collaborations emerge as relationships and trust develops: church-to-church visits for ministry and encouragement, shared outreach & relief work, local and international intern exchanges.

China – since the 1990's
•  Planting Communities of Hope– among rural ethnic minorities and in the mega cities.
•  Equipping and renewal – building relationships with the Church in China and providing Kingdom & leadership training.
•  Compassion, mercy and transformation – being the hands of Jesus to the people.

Our Long term Cross cultural workers are developing a vision to start a training school and send out planters into other parts of the country. Circumstances for growing this sort of organization are difficult, and prayers would be appreciated.

There are 7 Communities of Hope now in Cambodia. One of which is a new as of 2014. The Communities of Hope are beginning to self-multiply. In 2014 there was a 5 day leadership conference were we gad 60 leaders from the various Communities of Hope. The theme was kingdom practices and Soul care.

There are two thriving Vineyards in Bangkok and Rayong. The church in Bangkok, pastored by Sukit Wangtechawat is seeing many teens from the slums come to faith. Sukit has a vision to plant Communities of Hope around South-East Asia and is mentoring planters in various stages in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket as well as sending teams to train and encourage the church in Laos. Members of Coast Vineyard have started two children’s homes in Chiang Mai and Mae Sot.

Creating Communities of Hope by meeting felt needs in a sustainable, calculable and creative way, one community at a time.

The Vineyard movement has been emerging in India for nearly 15 years. Now we have 15 Communities of Hope served by a core group of 4 regional leaders. This core team is made up of a great diversity of age, region, and personality which is essential for building a movement across such a large and diverse country. It has been priority to sow the unique values and ethos of the Vineyard through national gatherings held every year. They have also taken spiritual formation and soul care to heart as foundational for leaders. As the foundations have grown strong, we hope to strengthen and expanded the U.S. side of the partnership to support the potential that lies ahead.

Sri Lanka
Our church in Makundara is 11 years old this year and has planted 3 Communities of Hope in Negumbo, Colombo, and Kandy. Our church in Matale has a huge Kids' Ministry and Tamil people group outreach. There's a new discipleship initiative we've started, and we are enjoying connecting with more Vineyard Pastors in Asia.

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Ross Naylor-Tatterson

Regional Coordinator for Asia
Pastor, Without Walls Vineyard Church – Holland, MI

Ross is the Pastor of Without Walls Vineyard Church in Holland, Michigan. After working with YWAM for a decade, Ross served as Executive Pastor of the Lakeshore Vineyard for 5 years and then struck out to begin a new church plant. Now Ross juggles ministry at his church, leadership of the Indonesian Partnership, developing coaches within an assembly manufacturing plant, and working as a corporate advocate for the Venntis family of companies. He is spreading the vision of the Community of Hope - uniting church, youth and business for the Kingdom. He serves as the Regional Coordinator for Asia for Vineyard Missions USA.

Countries Overseen:

China (East)
China (West)
Sri Lanka