About this partnership

Our vision is to help birth a Vineyard church-planting movement in the Russian Federation through resourcing, leadership development and outreach. 

We believe this vision is best accomplished RELATIONALLY – as we connect our local U.S. Vineyards to the people of Russia through short and long-term objectives.

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Population: 142.4 million

Number of Vineyard Churches: 7

Primary Religion: Russian Orthodox

Government: Federation

Ave. Education: 15 years

About Russia

Russia, the world’s largest nation, borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Its landscape ranges from tundra and forests to subtropical beaches. Russia is one of the world's leading producers of oil and natural gas, and is also a top exporter of metals such as steel and primary aluminum. Russia's manufacturing sector is generally uncompetitive on world markets and is geared toward domestic consumption. Russia's reliance on commodity exports makes it vulnerable to boom and bust cycles that follow the volatile swings in global prices.



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Partnership Leader:
Kent Butcher

Pastor of Vineyard Community Church in Syracuse, Indiana since 2001 // Leader of Russia Partnership since beginning of 2017

Kent has been in ministry for over 30 years, 23 of those years being with the Vineyard. He has a passion for raising up and mobilizing pastors and leaders throughout the world, but specifically in Russia. He visited Russia in 2004 to provide teaching for the leadership school and during his time teaching, filming and interacting with the Russians, he fell in love with the people. It’s really that simple.

Partnership Opportunities

Consider joining our partnership by clicking the link atop this page. Together we can impact Russia for generations to come.

Partnership churches are expected to:

Increase our congregation’s awareness of and intercessory prayer for the Vineyard in Russia.

Recruit congregants to serve on short-term teams to Russia.

Cultivate a growing relationship with a “sister” Russian Vineyard and its pastor for the purpose of providing experience-based guidance, strengthening, encouragement, resourcing, training and tools that are critical to create a sustainable Vineyard church presence in Russia.

Financially support the objectives of the VRP through a 0.5% offering of our church income.

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