Missions Leadership Team Introduction:
Rich Andrews

Rich Andrews   Co-Regional Coordinator for Latin America (focusing on South America) Pastor, Conshohocken Vineyard Conshohocken, PA   richa@vmteam.org

Rich Andrews

Co-Regional Coordinator for Latin America (focusing on South America)
Pastor, Conshohocken Vineyard
Conshohocken, PA


VM: Thanks for joining us, Rich, and sharing part of your life. Can you give us a run-down on what you do in the Vineyard these days?

Rich:  I started serving as a volunteer in the local church, then dove into serving as an associate pastor, then site pastor, church planter, senior pastor, missions partnership leader (Bolivia). I then became a, regional rep for Multiply Vineyard, and now Missions Co-Coordinator (Latin America) with Glenn Schroder.

VM: Wow that’s a great growth track! When did you jump into the Vineyard Movement?

Rich: I stumbled across the first official service of a Vineyard church plant (Blue Route Vineyard) when I was in college almost 20 years ago, and never looked back.

VM: What is a prayer that you pray daily?

Rich: I pray a form of the prayer of examen every day, giving thanks to God for his kindness to me the previous day and bringing my concerns before him as well.

VM: I agree - that daily prayer of examen is so critical for a healthy heart and outlook. So, how do you unwind on your Sabbath day?

Rich:  I really enjoy the Sabbath, which for me is usually on Mondays. I like to sleep in, make some breakfast for the family, then spend a few hours journaling, listening, and worshipping, followed by a nap.  At noon, I'll go to the local CrossFit box and get in a good workout and take some time afterwards to do some additional stretching or work on some other skills. After a long shower and late lunch, I'll kick back and read a fun book like Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffagan (highly recommend it by the way) or Time magazine. By then, my kids will be home and I'll help them with homework or work on a fun project together. After a family dinner and putting the kids to bed, I'll hang out with my wife, watch some Netflix and try to get bed early, with her, if I'm lucky.

VM: I think I’ll just ignore that double entendre there, if that’s all right with you. What is the Lord teaching you this week?  

Rich: He's teaching me about enjoying his love and presence more than anything else in the world.

VM: What a great life-long lesson for us all. So, a few quick questions: are you a Futbol or Football man?  

Rich: Futbol for sure. Playing, not watching.

VM: Steak, chicken, or fish?

Rich: Steak and Chicken, no fish - with guacamole for a little extra at Chipotle.

VM: Sweet or salty for a food splurge?

Rich: I can usually eat an entire large tub of popcorn when I go to the movies, and I always get a free refill to bring home, which I'll eat the following night. I used to bring my used, butter-stained paper tub back to the theater the following weeks to keep getting free refills until the Holy Spirit convicted me that that I was "stealing."

VM: Oh dear! Well, I’m glad you got that taken care of. What’s your favorite attribute of God?

Rich: His Joy.

VM: Do you have any unusual talents?

Rich:  I can make animal balloons, juggle, and ride a unicycle, but still can't juggle and unicycle at the same time. I could probably make an animal balloon dog on a unicycle if I had a long enough straightaway.

VM: So a balloon unicorn made on a unicycle may be a possibility too. Nice! What book resource do you recommend to challenge leaders to the next level?

Rich: Can I recommend two?  (1) The Opposable Mind by Rodger Martin and (2) Multipliers by Liz Wiseman

VM: Those sound good! What is your favorite book of the Bible?

Rich:  I'd have to say the Psalms, since prayerfully reading through them on a daily basis has changed the way I relate to God on a daily basis and how I approach worship.

VM: Awesome! Do you have a favorite new technology or app?

Rich: I've only recently discovered WhatsApp on my iPhone. It lets me communicate with the pastors I work with in Bolivia just like I would with folks here in the USA. Almost everyone in Bolivia uses it.

VM: That’s a terrific free app that everyone in missions should be aware of. Thanks for sharing that, and sharing a little bit of yourself with your friends around the world. If we see a juggler or unicyclist with balloon animals at the next MLM, well, I’m pretty sure it will be you, Rich.

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