Vineyard Missions Featured Resources

For the past several years at Vineyard Missions we’ve been researching, producing, and creating resources for pastors, missions leaders, and short-term missions teams. Today we’d like to offer you a sampling of the smorgasbord of those resources available on our website for local churches. (And you don’t have to be in a VM partnership to gain something from these offerings!)


Inspiration for your congregation to give it their all for the long haul in missions in 3:49 minutes. This video explains WHY Vineyard does missions within the partnership paradigm. Vineyard Missions: Our Five Core Commitments and visit our YouTube channel for additional videos.

Missional Leader Training is held annually for our partnership leaders. Are you or your congregation ready for training of the heart and mind toward missions? We live-streamed the main sessions of our October 2018 MLM, and they are available for free. Previous year’s valuable teaching perspectives by Vineyard names you know, such as Phil Strout, Mark Fields, Michael Gatlin, Homero Garcia, and Kathy Maskell, are also available here: Training: Missional Leaders Meetings


New 2018-released, 32-page missions booklet “Join the Adventure” in digital format. You can print/copy your own or order copies that explain the foundational missiology and the history of missions in the Vineyard. This booklet includes a step-by-step process to begin engaging in missions within the VM partnership paradigm. Join the Adventure (pdf). You can also email us to order these color booklets at no charge.


Short-term Travel Medical Insurance from Seven Corners provides a quick, inexpensive, and easily-accessible option for your missions teams. We have negotiated reduced rates for this travel medical Insurance. Enrollment is completely online, specific to the number of days of a trip, and depending on age, it runs about $1.50/day! Enroll here.

Travel Safety blog includes valuable information about things to consider when planning accommodations and transportation for team travel. Recommended by Jerry Reddix, and based on an article by the Aviation Security Working Group. Traveling Abroad Safely: Trust + Wisdom

Photography Tips blog lays out some basic rules of taking good photos in this easy-to-follow guide, equally useful for missions trips and church-planting. Missions Photography Field Guide

Tips for Working With a Translator video lays out some suggestions for effectively working with a translator so a message doesn’t literally get “lost in translation.” Ten Tips for a Happy Translator

Debrief Series discusses details of why & how to host a debrief meeting after every missions trip. The Debrief for Missions Teams

Re-entry Series explores some of the science of re-entry and why re-entry into your own culture can be a breeze for some and difficult on others. This blog includes honest and vulnerable interviews with short- and long-term missionaries who have come home. Going with the Return in Mind

Our teams are continuously curating and developing more resources for you, so check back often. We’d love to hear from if you are looking for a specific resource to help your congregation fulfill the Great Commission; perhaps we can help. Email us at