Palestinian Territories

About this partnership

We are a developing Partnership. Our initial "Look & See" trip with others from the Vineyard was in 2012.

From that trip we identified the following areas of interest for the partnership: encouraging the indigenous churches, supporting human rights efforts, and participating in sharing the Good News of the Kingdom with all Palestinians. We regularly take small groups on a Journey of Understanding which serves as an introduction to the people and their stories with an emphasis on listening without picking a side while choosing to help in reconciliation.

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Partnership Leader: 
Scott Tjernagel

Scott and Susan Tjernagel became friends of the Vineyard in 1989. They relocated their family from New Braunfels, TX to Dallas, TX in 1995 for a wonderful year of internship in the Dallas Vineyard. The Dallas Vineyard sent the Tjernagel family back to New Braunfels to plant a Vineyard Church. River City Vineyard Community Church was planted in 2002. The church was planted following the family's first trip to the Palestinian Territories and Israel. That trip exposed the Tjernagels to the need for reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis, as well as, the importance of encouraging indigenous believers in the land. River City Vineyard Community Church fully embraces the Vineyard value of "Reconciling Communities" and applies that value to the Partnership for Palestinians.

Current Church Partners

Several Vineyard churches have regular contact with the area. These churches include:
Vineyard Columbus
Mile High Vineyard
Vineyard Kansas City North
New Orleans Vineyard
River City Vineyard Community Church

Partnership Opportunities

We welcome connection with others who are presently working or planning on working in the Middle East. We are also glad to take others with us on our Journeys of Understanding.

Consider joining our partnership by clicking the link atop this page. Together we can impact the Palestinian Territories for generations to come.

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