As followers of Christ, we are called to spread the gospel to every nation. How can we do that effectively in the 21st century? 

We believe it all starts with relationship. Since the turn of this century, Vineyard Missions has been a catalyst for helping pastors, leaders, and missionaries to develop meaningful and lasting relationships with emerging pastors around the world who seek partnership and have a desire to grow and lead. We're equally as active in building a network of relationships with Vineyard churches in the United States that are interested in playing a role in international missions. With these relationships in place, we can do what we’re uniquely qualified for: connecting and equipping Vineyard churches to raise up these indigenous leaders who will be the catalysts for a church-planting movement in their home county.

For us it’s important to keep going back to the same area (in Kenya) because we are developing relationships we just wouldn’t have if we hopped around.”  
Gia Downs
Vineyard pastor - Huntsville, AL