Thank You, Partnership Leaders


By the Vineyard Missions Team

Last year, those involved with Vineyard Missions have experienced some wonderful things - conferences, special events, and trips all over the world. We on the Vineyard Missions team want to honor those of you in missions partnerships, especially those of you who serve in leadership roles, and those who this year have passed the leadership torch over to someone new.

Thank you, former leaders and new leaders, for the countless hours of thoughtful prayer and work you invest in your partnership, the churches in your partnership, the nation you are serving together, the indigenous leaders and their concerns and needs. You’ve accepted the WhatsApp and Skype calls at non-office hours, the Zoom meetings or Google Hangouts and countless emails it takes to set up those partnership meetings! Yes, we know! For tackling those difficult conversations and hard decisions in love, we thank you! For choosing to function in this new paradigm of accomplishing mission in partnership with other Vineyard churches, we honor you!

Thank you to the partnership churches who visited their focus nation this year - whether you sent one person or organized a team to bring encouragement to the nation in which you are working this year! Thank you to those partnership churches who wanted to send someone this year, but because of various obstacles, you just couldn’t. Thank you for your commitment to the on-going work in those nations, for the financial investment you made there this year, for the relationship investment you continue to make with every contact and conversation, for the prayers you lift up to the Father for our Vineyard brothers and sisters around the globe.

There are many people around you also making these sacrifices of time, treasure, energy, and emotion. You are not alone. You are not overlooked. Your gift is precious to us in the Vineyard and to the Lord Jesus. Thank you for partnering with the Holy Spirit to finish His dream in every nation on the earth, to see the name of Jesus lifted high and glorified until his return when all things are made right!