2018 Missional Leaders Meeting Live Stream


Missional Leaders Meeting 2018

Vineyard Missions is thrilled to announce that you, your missions teams, and your church staff can join in all the excitement of this year’s Missional Leaders Meeting (MLM) even if you won’t be at the beautiful Colorado Springs’ Glen Eyrie Retreat with us. Yes, Vineyard Missions and Multiply Vineyard have again teamed up to bring together what has been called “our favorite conference in the Vineyard” (not that we’re biased or anything!). And since it is everybody’s favorite and everybody can’t squeeze in, we thought we’d share the love through technology. We are live-streaming so you can participate from home or the office.

From the conference, all worship times and main sessions* will once again be available live and free for you and your teams to join us in getting inspired by what God is doing in the hearts of the nations and through leaders and congregations of our Vineyard tribe all over the world. October 1st is the big day. Like last year, we will stream using Facebook Live from our Vineyard Missions USA Facebook page.

How can I use this?

  • Well, we’re glad you asked. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started. (If you think of something else, let us know how you are using MLM Livestreaming.)

  • Help your local-church team refresh their vision for missions and missional living by setting up the live stream on a big screen at home or your church for your teams to worship and hear the messages together.

  • Can’t spend all week together? Schedule just one evening that looks especially good info for your team (or is most convenient for your team) and have dinner together before or after depending on your time zone). If you advertise three weeks ahead in the main church service, you may pick up a newbie or two with a previously unknown interest in missions!

  • Send the link to your team members or staff along with the schedule of speakers and a personal note inviting them to watch at least one specific session--or different sessions--and dialogue afterward with you about their takeaways and suggestions for implementation in your congregation.

  • Gear-up for an exciting new year of connecting with your partnership churches by hosting a meeting to talk about sending a team(s) in 2019 after your missions-interested folks have been invited to watch the MLM on their own at home.

  • Share thoughts and photos of you or your missions teams watching the MLM on social media using the hashtag #VineyardMLM2018.

Watch as much of the MLM as you can, and set up a debrief conversation with someone you know from your region who was there live or watching the live stream. Talk together about your observations of what God is doing among the nations where you are serving.

The MLM is consistently one of the most valuable resources available to our Vineyard Missions community. It is when the nitty-gritty conversations and advice about boots-on-the-ground missions are shared. If you have a specific question, chances are it will be answered at the MLM. We’ll see you there!

*A note:  This year, the cameras won’t be running live during our Regional Spotlights. This means that on occasion, for security purposes, we will have to cut the feed, leaving viewers at home hanging for 10 minutes or so. Think of it not as what you’re missing, but an opportunity to re-fill your glass or grab a snack which live-attenders don’t have.

For the schedule of speakers and topics, click here.