Pockets of Giving - Part 4 of 4

Bubba Justice shoots straight about the power of giving and missions

by Jason Chatraw

Money plays a large role in expanding ministry especially in the area of missions. Cutting Edge spoke with Inverness Vineyard (Alabama) Senior Pastor Bubba Justice about money and missions. Bubba is an anomaly among pastors: He entered into ministry after spending 10 years working in the financial field as both an accountant for a “Big Six” accounting firm and as a company CFO. He enjoys talking about missions and money from the pulpit and with other pastors. He is now functioning part time as the VUSA national coordinator.

This is part 4 of a 4-part series. Click here for part 1.


Here are Bubba Justice’s 10 ways you can create more pockets of giving in your church:

  1. Give a percentage of your offering to missions. If we ask people to give 10 percent of their income, why don’t we model what we’re asking the people in our church to do?

  2. Take up a special offering. It’s amazing that when you have a specific project you’re trying to accomplish, people will surprise you with their generosity.

  3. Set up a missions fund that people can give to regularly. With this fund, people can give to missions at any time.

  4. Hold yard sales and other fundraising events. These have brought in a tremendous amount of money. We have funded entire mission trips with just three or four spaghetti dinners. And people who don’t go to our church may be touched by what we’re doing and decide to give as well.

  5. Incorporate fun into the asking process when appropriate. Our idea of “Missionary Idol” did just that in our church.

  6. Small group weekly contributing. The North Phoenix Vineyard has a small group that contributes cash every week into a pot. And with that money, one or two people from that group is sent on a mission trip each year.

  7. Writing letters of support when people are going on a mission trip. There are family members and people outside of the church who really believe in that person as an individual and will give significant amounts of money if asked. Include online links in all communication so people can respond right away.

  8. Use or donate frequent flier points for a trip.This is always a great way for people to donate to something even if they don’t have a lot of cash on hand.

  9. Get your children’s church involved. One year our children’s church bought a cow for Lent. They brought in money on a weekly basis during Lent so the pastor of a church we were working with in Africa could buy a cow and sell the milk at the market to support his family.

  10. Youth groups can sponsor a child.

Bubba recommends two books that helped him form his thoughts process:

  • Money Matters in Church. Malphurs, Aubrey.
  • How to Increase Giving in Your Church. Barna, George.


Bubba has led the Inverness Vineyard in Birmingham, Alabama since 1994. For over a decade, he's led the East Africa (now Kenya) Partnership, and he served as an APCL for the Southeast.  In 2013 Bubba began leading the Learning Community Team for Vineyard Missions USA training, and he has been on the Missions Task Force representing the Southeast since 2007. With Bubba's ten years' experience as a financial manager for various companies, including working as a CPA for the international accounting firm Ernst and Young, he is now serving as the newly-appointed National Coordinator for Vineyard USA.