ECCU Partner Organization: Support Raising Solutions

By Schuyler Francine, Associate Vice President @ ECCU

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I wanted to make you aware of Support Raising Solutions and their monthly bootcamps they host around the country. I sat through the second day of their two-day seminar and they do a tremendous job of laying a biblical foundation as well as developing practical skills for team raising. Good resource for all getting into missions or struggling with support.

Fundraising is one of the greatest felt needs of missionaries today.

Well, one ECCU partner organization, Support Raising Solutions (SRS), takes this challenge three times further by helping Christian workers become spiritually healthy, vision-driven, and fully funded.

SRS, a ministry of Center for Mission Mobilization, tears down barriers that hold people back from raising their personal support by offering training and resources that help missionaries biblically fund their ministries.

Aaron Babyar, SRS Director, explained that finances are the number one felt need of most youth workers, church planters, and missionaries.  Meanwhile, fear is the most dominant tool the enemy uses to derail fundraising.

“It’s vital to understand that building and maintaining a support team is an opportunity to bless those who are partnering with you financially,” he said. “Without your invitation, they may never have been given the opportunity to be actively involved in a great-commission focused ministry that is bigger than you, bigger than them, and really bigger than any one of us individually."

But far from fretting over the “ask”, SRS Founder Steve Shadrach believes there are the four basic areas every ministry must prioritize and organize in order to build a healthy, long-term support-raising mindset in individuals.

Culture + Infrastructure + Training + Coaching

Steve explores these in an article you can read called four hallmarks of a healthy support-raising organization.

“If laborers are the greatest need, one of the biggest obstacles to getting them out to the field is definitely a fear of support raising,” he said. “That is why SRS exists—to identify and crush this obstacle with Biblical truth, practical training, and ongoing coaching.”

The Mission is Missions

Supporting missions is a top priority at ECCU. In an effort to continue fueling Christ-centered ministry worldwide, ECCU is proudly partnering with SRS to host an SRS Bootcamp at the ECCU campus in Southern California November 13, 14. It’s two days of excellent, biblical training in personal support raising that has helped nearly 10,000 ministry workers get to their ministry assignment quickly and fully funded.

Learn more about the upcoming SRS Bootcamp at the ECCU auditorium