The 2015 Missional Leaders Meeting

Each year, the leaders of Vineyard missions partnerships, key missions pastors of larger Vineyard churches in the USA, along with a group of leaders from Multiply Vineyard (USA church planting), gather together in Colorado Springs for relationship-building, training, and inspiration. This week, about 180 people will converge upon Glen Eyrie, which is nestled in the middle of the beautiful Garden of the Gods. 

The theme of this year’s Missional Leaders Meeting is "in-TENSION-ality". As the Vineyard we are intentional about holding things in tension. Our sessions and training will center around the various tensions that we face doing missional ministry - theological tensions, practical tensions, etc. The week will include training and discussion on the impact of these tensions on our lives, roles, and ministry, with main sessions led by both our Missions Leadership Team and our Multiply Vineyard Leadership Team.  

Please keep our leaders in prayer as this Monday through Friday event is jam-packed, intense, and wonderful. We look forward to seeing all that comes out of this enriching week.

We will be broadcasting some of the sessions of the MLM via Periscope. Drop in on some great worship, perhaps hear Mark Fields speak, and even catch our Justice and Compassion panel. Hope you can join us, virtually! @VUSAMissions