Addressing the Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Follow Up

A couple of weeks ago, we shared about the varied ways that Vineyard churches are responding to the Syrian refugee crisis. You can read that post here. We continue to hear of ways that local Vineyard churches are being the hands and feet of Jesus in this situation. We would like to highlight an opportunity to assist a ministry in Ankara, Turkey. This opportunity is being presented by our Regional Coordinators for the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia - Bill & Cheryll Hanawalt.

Refugee Ministry - Ankara, Turkey

The Need

Turkey now has roughly 2 million refugees inside its borders, with tens of thousands of those living in cities like Ankara.

Refugees in the cities are faced with poverty and difficulty. Mothers and babies are often found begging on the sides of streets, while groups of orphaned children often swarm around the city, pickpocketing and looting to get money for food to live.

The need is vast in the country and in our city; but there is hope, and there are ways to help and to bring a change.

The Opportunity

We are making a registry of refugees who want to receive aid so that we can distribute food and provide them with resources to build a new life.

We will run food distributions every week, giving out several dozen food packages to refugees from the registry. 

Each food package contains 1 kg each of rice, pasta, and lentils, 1 liter each of milk and oil, and other helpful things, all together totaling about 25 Turkish Lira, or about $10 USD. During distributions, we are also hosting a children’s program to help get kids off the streets and to provide a healthy environment for them. 

We will also be offering training programs, giving refugees a means to work to provide for
themselves and their families, instead of relying on aid from outside sources. 

We need your help and your donations to be able to reach more people, feed more people, and show more people Jesus’ love. If you would like to give to this project, you may send tax-deductible donations by making out a check to:

World Horizons USA
8 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Or donations can be made online at

Please include a note designating the donation for “Ankara Refugee Project”.