Nepal Disaster – A Vineyard Response and A Plan Forward

By Todd Rosenwald

It has been my pleasure to be friends with Noel Isaacs of the Himalayan Region Vineyards for more than ten years, and I have made three trips to Nepal. So as soon as I saw news of the earthquake I knew the Vineyard would be helping our family and others there.

Through talking with Noel, Andy Wood of Winnepeg Vineyard, and Todd Rutkowski of Canada’s Missions Task Force we were able to discern some of the most pressing needs and get to work on meeting the ones we can: tarps and helicopters. The tarps create temporary shelters; the helicopters can access devastated remote villages. Two of those villages I visited in 2004.

This is where my organization His Feet International comes in. Through His Feet we were able to secure and ship 260 heavy-duty, 14’x20’ three-year rated tarps and register with Mission Aviation Fellowship to provide discounted helicopter transport to the villages with Vineyard churches. To date seven helicopter trips have taken supplies, workers, and doctors to places otherwise unreachable.

Still Many Needs

I want to emphasize as much as possible that there are still many needs that our Vineyard family in Nepal have. The relief efforts are on-going, and they are just the tip of the iceberg. There are still needs for helicopter transport and relief. Daily aftershocks and monsoon rains still threaten to worsen this disaster.

After the relief comes recovery and rebuilding phases. The Vineyard Earthquake Response Leadership Team estimates these costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you or your church want to donate to our relief and rebuilding efforts, you can donate at His Feet will funnel 100% of funds to the Vineyard’s earthquake response.