Discerning God's Missional Heart for Your Church (PDF)

This document walks readers through Ignatius's Practice of Discernment to help inform the decision-making process. 

Vineyard Missiological Foundation (link)

This spells out our common foundation for missions, expressed through five common commitments that align with our core values. 

Overview of Vineyard Missiology (PDF)

This overview is an expanded read of our missions foundation, providing deeper context. 

Trainings (link)

This page is a portal to trainings that we have done in the past.

The Partnership Philosophy of Vineyard USA (Vimeo link)

Phil Strout, National Director of Vineyard USA, explains why partnerships and working together are the bedrock of Vineyard Missions and cross-cultural success.  

Short-Term Travel Medical Insurance (link)

Vineyard Missions has contracted with Seven Corners to provide reduced-rate, quickly accessible travel medical coverage. Enrollment is completely online.

Leadership Guides (link)

These simple leadership development resources can be used within your church and around the world.

i-61 Ministries Small Group Series (link)

Vineyard Boise’s i-61 Ministries has just released a free, 9-week small-group video series focused on Jesus’ mission in the world, based on Isaiah 61. Through user-friendly online videos, the series focuses on developing a heart for justice and compassion in your missional life and explores seven areas of global crisis. Inspire your partnership churches and congregation members by discussing through this 9-week study together.

Book Recommendations (link)