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We do not post partnership details related to efforts in this region. This is for the safety of partnership individuals and integrity of all efforts currently underway. If you would like information about work occurring in this country, connect with us directly by using the Contact email form.


Population: 6.1 million

Number of Vineyard Churches: Undisclosed

Primary Religion: Islam and Christianity 

Government: Republic 

Ave. Education: 14 years

About Lebanon

Lebanon, officially the Lebanese Republic, is a country in Western Asia. It is bordered by Syria to the north and east and Israel to the south. Lebanon has a free-market economy and a strong laissez-faire commercial tradition. The government does not restrict foreign investment; however, the investment climate suffers from red tape, corruption, arbitrary licensing decisions, complex customs procedures, high taxes, tariffs, and fees, archaic legislation, and weak intellectual property rights.


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The World Fact Book: Middle East: Lebanon. 2015. cia.gov. Retrieved 20 July 2015

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Partnership Leader: 
Randall and Alice Sutter

Current Church Partners:

VCF Cottonwood

Partnership Opportunities

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