Vineyard Missions has partnered with Bob Logan of Logan Leadership to create a new set of leadership development resources that can be used within your church and around the world. These guides are already being used in a number of different places, and we are getting really good initial feedback. We think you will find these very useful for your work as you develop leaders both here and abroad. We have purposely designed them to be simple and as transferable as possible, so that 1) they are easier to contextualize and 2) you can add your own additional content.

Overview of the Leadership Skills Guides 
Instructions for purchasing the Vineyard Leadership Guides on the Logan Leadership website

The total cost of all 37 guides is only $29.00 and will grant you the right to copy and distribute them for your church, within your missions partnerships, and around the nation(s) you are working in. You only need to purchase a single copy that helps to compensate Bob Logan for his work.

We hope you will find these guides helpful, and we look forward to hearing your feedback as you make use of them.