Seek justice. Offer compassion. 

Just as justice and compassion ministries provide valuable on-ramps for our work, we also see opportunities to engage these ministries locally to enhance the quality of life.  

Alleviating hunger. Improving education. Providing clean water and sanitation. Caring for the orphan. Fighting Human trafficking for forced labor and the sex trade. Enhancing agriculture efficiency. Ensuring access to basic health care needs. Addressing systemic poverty...

These are real, everyday challenges in many parts of the world where we work. Depending if and how these issues are addressed becomes the difference between a thriving community and one that remains in crisis.  

Vineyard Missions itself is not a justice and compassion ministry. But by being trusted hands-and-feet in compassionate service to a community, we can help assess real needs and make connections with local church-based ministry partners who can provide life-changing solutions. And the inverse also is true:  we become a go-to ministry partner to help raise up church leaders, often on the heels of tangible inroads achieved by local churches doing justice and compassion ministry work. 


“To view church planting and justice & compassion ministries as competing endeavors is wrong. We cannot approach this important, life-changing work as an either/or proposition. It should be a both/and reality.”

Tri Robinson | Founder, i-61 Ministries



Connecting with Justice & Compassion Ministries

Our work around the world brings us into contact with other ministries doing equally important work to raise up and advocate for indigenous people, and we've had the privilege to work alongside and witness transformation as part of their efforts.  If you're inclined  to roll up your sleeves for the causes of justice and compassion, connect with us and we can provide guidance on Christian organizations you might want to consider.