Vineyard India Newsletter

December 2016


Dear friends,

As the close of 2016 draws near, we are grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness to us. All the pastors and leaders of each local church were instrumental and faithful to the Lord’s calling on us as Vineyard India. We appreciate our partners and friends across the globe who have prayed and supported this work so faithfully. Thank you.


2016 God really blessed us with two wonderful national events:

  1. Vineyard India Pastors’ Soul Care at Dehradun April 2016 - God used the team from our partnership churches in US to really bless us.
  2. Vineyard India National Leadership Conference at Bangalore - This was one of our best gathering of national leaders and helped us all to come together in unity and more understanding of “Who We Are and Where We Are Going”. The team from our partnership US Vineyards was such a blessing as they blessed us during the conference with child care and prayer ministry.

This year we also had at least twice our national leadership team meetings and a lot of discussion was held in regarding the future steps:

  • Doing our national registration.
  • Opening a bank account for holding our national fund 3% giving from all our local churches.  Dehradun Vineyard is in the process of opening the bank account.
  • Promoting Vineyard Outposts … recognising non pastoral leadership in Vineyard India.


North Region: Sunny & Vika Gilbert

  • Dehradun area: seven Churches now in Dehradun Area... 2016 has been a year of growth for the Village Vineyards with two new churches being added in this year...Haripur Vineyard: - Bablu Kumar, Bhrami, Wala Vineyard: - Reni Kumar Nath.
  • Mathura Wala Vineyard is rejoicing as they now completed the building project.
  • Bhanya Wala Vineyard has now a worship hut (small worship setup) and they are delighted .... this congregation has really doubled in this year and now 90-100 followers of Jesus there.
  • Dehradun Vineyard has seen one significant change this year ... it was the year when we saw empowering of women leadership becoming more visible as Vika Lead the Church in the last quarter of the year as Lead Pastor.
  • The Dehradun Vineyard seeing a lot of changes in last couple of years as many of our leaders have moved on to church planting or other leadership roles away to other cities ... so this a new season of training new leadership team ... the church continues to grow with many new people stepping up ... but the process of raising a completely new leadership team is lot of work for Sunny and Vika and we are really praying and looking for an assistant pastor.
  • Starting new year, it will be 18 years complete for Sunny & Vika planting and leading Dehradun Vineyard ... so they are taking a sabbatical break from April to July 2017. (Please pray for Sunny and Vika as they make all the arrangements for this sabbatical break.
  • The VSOM at Dehradun Vineyard went great and 15 leaders were trained...again in 2017 August to September the Dehradun Vineyard will be running a fresh VSOM...we are looking for students and also teachers who could come and teach.
  • December 9-12 the Dehradun Vineyard hosted a Kingdom conference and many area leaders and other Vineyard leaders joined ... was really a time of blessings and empowerment.
  • Chandigarh Vineyard: Kaingam and Ritu continue to do a wonderful work at Chandigarh ... it has not been easy for them but they have been labouring faithfully and keep on sowing seeds. They have around 30 people now and in April they will celebrate 2nd Anniversary. They have been really focusing on reaching their neighbours.

Other updates:

  • Odisha: things are continuing to grow at Berhampur Vineyard with the church grown to more than 100 in three years...
  • Calcutta Vineyard: Tapas and Babita Jana: have also had a tough but fruit year they continue to reach their village through school ministry and have seen some new addition to their church family...with many new believers taking baptisms.
  • Hyderabad Church plant: we all are very excited with the Hyderabad Church plan the lead person their is Ruth Khanna...please pray for her as she is developing her core team and also growing in her deeper understanding of the Vineyard.

North Central: Emmanuel & Joyce Qureshi

*Aradhna Vineyard: New Venue 50 - 60 people could sit in this basement ... looking to go for two services from January 2017.

  • Sangam Vihar good developments continuing.
  • Different core team members taking turn for speaking at Aradhna Vineyard and so good overall development for core team.
  • Update on Stevens health ... he is back in Delhi getting better.
  • Mukesh has now two locations ... Wazeerpur and Mangolpuri.
  • At Dilip's Fellowship in Ahmedabad around 10 people.
  • Faridabad church adoption process has been started at present around 80 people there. Leader – Rajan
  • Milan ( Good Samaritan Vineyard) relationships are being formed...

North East Region: Naresh & Pushpa Asher

  • New development ... Nukshi from Nagaland in transition to return to Nagaland and may start a home fellowship in Dimapur ... in a year's time at present he is member of Shillong Vineyard and works for UESI as a Bible resource person.
  • Naresh and Pushpa shifting their house and also church location in Early next year.
  • More focused efforts from Shillong Vineyard towards more literacy projects development … with tuitions and alternative duty programs.
  • Naresh is preaching at a local T.V channel once a week...the focus of teaching has been on grace of God.
  • Coming up Christmas picnic and baptism.
  • This has been a good year ... a year of formation for the Shillong Vineyard.

South Region: Alexi and Annie George

  • In the South Region, we have been working on various ways of planting seeds for new church plants. In several places, we began small groups, prayer groups. There is also an outreach of Pratyasha Vineyard in Koramangala, Bangalore called Vineyard Cafe. The aim is to develop relationships in that community that would become seeds for a future church plant.
  • In January, Rick and Ellen turned over Mercy Vineyard in Bangalore to Rajan and Carmen who were leaders in that church.
  • In Kerala, we held a Vineyard Kerala Family Conference, 20-21 May 2016. We were blessed with a team from Inverness Vineyard.
  • The Kerala Leaders Gathering with Rick and Ellen Coffin, 28-29 October 2016 was an encouragement to our pastors and their families as well as church planters. The churches in Punalur, Pathanamthitta, and Eattumanoor each face various struggles in their early stages. Some are situated in areas that are Hindu strongholds which make it difficult to move forward.
  • Also at Adoor Vineyard, we are re-focusing on developing lay leaders for Carecells, Prayer, and Outreach. We have begun a daily intercessory prayer at the church from Monday through Saturday.


  • Soul Care for Pastors and Wives in Dehradun, 4-7 April 2017 (Meeting of Vineyard India Leaders, spouses and Brad on 3rd April)
  • Vineyard India Worshippers Boot Camps with Mike O Brian, May 2017, Dehradun - Adoor - Shillong.
  • National Leadership Conference in Bangalore, October 17-21st.
  • Dehradun Vineyard School Of Ministry August - September 2017, Dehradun.
  • Vineyard Asia Summit November 7 - 10, Jakarta Indonesia.


NORTH - Sunny & Vika Gilbert

  1. Dehradun Vineyard
  2. Mathura Wala Vineyard
  3. Bhanya Wala Vineyard
  4. Raspana Pul Vineyard
  5. Ladpur Vineyard
  6. Haripur Vineyard (New Church Planted)
  7. Bhrami Vineyard (New Church Planted)
  8. Chandigarh Vineyard

NORTH EAST - Naresh & Pushpa Asher

  1. Shillong Vineyard
  2. Calcutta Vineyard
  3. Berhampur Vineyard

NORTH CENTRAL - Emmanuel & Joyce Qureshi

  1. Aradhna Vineyard Delhi
  2. Aradhna Vineyard Sangam Vihar
  3. Karuna Vineyard
  4. Joy Vineyard
  5. Hope Vineyard, Ahmedabad

SOUTH - Alexi & Annie George

  1. Adoor Vineyard
  2. Open Gate Vineyard, Ettumanoor
  3. Pathanamthitta Vineyard
  4. Punalur Vineyard
  5. Mercy Vineyard Bangalore
  6. Pratyasha Vineyard Bangalore

New Plants & Adoption Process:

  1. Hyderabad Vineyard (The Outpost) New Plant… Ruth Khanna. (It's a church plant) they are calling it the outpost for not till we officially introduce her at the NLC in October.
  2. Good Samaritan Vineyard Church, Delhi (Adoption) Milan’s Church … Dhak Vineyard's involvement.
  3. Faridabad Church, Faridabad (Adoption) I don't have the exact name now...Rajan is the leader there.
  4. Pandalam, Kerala church plant by Blessen Isaac

Vineyard Outposts:

  1. Zion Retreats – Dehradun
  2. Love The One - Odisha