Hello story/blog contributors!

We welcome story and blog submissions from those of you who are actively participating in the international missions efforts of Vineyard churches. The main purposes of the VM Blog and stories library are:

  • To inform the Vineyard at large about what is happening in the nations
  • To inspire and increase interest in international missions
  • To increase Vineyard churches' level of engagement in international missions
  • To foster connection and potential partnership opportunities between Vineyard USA churches 
  • To increase community & collaboration and to minimize isolation in missional efforts
  • To educate, equip, and provide support resources to Vineyard churches in their international missions efforts

We'd love to see submissions of all kinds, but ideally, our stories and blog posts would somehow demonstrate one or more of our five core commitments in how we do missions:

  1. Empowering local church-based missions: How is ministry to this nation impacting your local church? How has your church been involved?

  2. Building partnerships as a key strategy: Is your church part of a larger missions partnership? How does that play out in the planning of trips and engagement abroad? What has been the impact of partnering with other churches?

  3. Establishing church planting movements: How is your team helping to foster a church planting movement in your focus nation? How are you seeing God expand his kingdom there?

  4. Raising up and releasing indigenous leaders: How are you engaging with the local leadership in the focus nation? What do you see God doing in the indigenous leaders?

  5. Contextualizing Vineyard values in each culture: What do the Vineyard values look like in the context of your focus nation? What does it look like for them to partner with the Holy Spirit? For them to experience and worship God? How are they reconciling people with God and creation? How do they engage in compassionate ministry? How are they doing mission in culturally relevant ways?

Written Submissions

For stories, we are looking for short, written pieces (500-1000 words). You are welcome to submit longer blog pieces with the understanding that, if selected, it may be broken up into a series and released in segments.

You could write a testimony, a story of impact…or even just a persuasive blog piece about why one of these core commitments is important. You choose… For example, you could pick one of these five commitments, then you could write a few paragraphs on how this has looked in your church or partnerships or in your focus nation. In your stories, you could share about how missions involvement has impacted you or others you are working with. 

Video Submissions

We also welcome video stories for our stories library - another way to highlight what God is doing throughout the nations. Here are some helpful guidelines and tips:

  • Again, we suggest focusing on one of the core commitments, if you can. Look at the idea questions above and let them guide you as you speak into the video. 

  • Content is key here. Video submissions don’t need to be flashy or professionally edited. Most smartphone videos would work great.

  • Please capture video horizontally, not vertically - this is especially important to remember if you capture video on your smartphone.

  • Your videos should be no more than 3 minutes long.

  • Video hint: If you are doing an interview-style video where you tell a story, look off to the side at a point on the wall as as if you are talking to an interviewer, rather than into the camera lens. It makes the video visually more interesting.

Important Notes

  • Most importantly, please do not submit anything that breaches someone's security or confidentiality. We have no way of knowing what should not be made public. If the story is about someone else, please make sure you have their permission first.

  • By submitting your story to us, you are affirming that we have permission to share it broadly on any of our distribution channels (website, newsletters, social media, print material, etc.).

  • We reserve the right to make minor grammatical/structural/typographical edits to written submissions (without changing the overall content of your piece). 

How to Submit

Email us at stories@vmteam.org, and please provide:

  • Your written piece OR the URL address to your video (if you uploaded to the web - i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

  • A few photos that go well with your written piece (optional, but highly desired)

  • Your name, church name & city/state

  • Your photo and a short, one-paragraph bio (optional)

If you have larger files to submit to us or you would like to send a video file directly, upload them to our dropbox submission folder. Click here to submit your files. Make sure the file name titles include your first and last name, so we can match the files with your email.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Vineyard Missions Communications Team