Missions Leadership Team Introduction:
Glenn Schroder

Glenn Schroder   Co-Regional Coordinator for Latin America (focusing on Central America) Pastor, Portland Vineyard Church Tigard, OR   glenns@vmteam.org

Glenn Schroder

Co-Regional Coordinator for Latin America (focusing on Central America)
Pastor, Portland Vineyard Church
Tigard, OR


VM: Thanks for sitting down to answer a few get-to-know-you questions for us, Glenn. What has your service been like in the Vineyard?

Glenn: I started as the youth/young adults pastor at Anaheim Vineyard 1984-1996. Then planted Portland Vineyard (OR) in 1996. I served as the Youth Task Force leader 1999-2005. In 2004, I became the Nicaragua Partnership leader and I still do that. Plus now I co-lead the Latin American Region for missions.

VM: That’s some big leadership crossover in 2004 and 2005, you must have been busy! When did you first  jump in to Vineyard Movement?

Glenn: I attended a home group meeting in the fall of 1976 that became the church that became the Anaheim Vineyard.

VM: Wow, so we are talking with another pre-Vineyard Vineyardite. What is a prayer that you pray daily?

Glenn: Thank you!!

VM: Terrific! Gratitude does such wondrous things in our hearts. What is your favorite memory with Jesus?

Glenn: Narrowing it down to a “favorite” is tough. One very fond memory is actually the first time I attended that little home group. I was 19 and had attended a denominational church through high school, but recently had not been attending anywhere. I was told about the group by a friend of a friend and had this unusual notion in my mind that “I should go to that group.”

So, on Sunday night I drove there by myself and walked in. I was warmly greeted by a number of people. After a few minutes a guy with long hair and a beard walked into the room carrying a guitar and a stool. He sat down and with no announcement or formality just started to play. I was used to a very formal church setting, so this seemed a bit odd to me, but apparently it was the cue to begin because everyone stopped talking and began to sing. After a couple songs, a very strange thing happened, I just began to weep.

I wept and wept and couldn’t stop. I was very embarrassed, crying in a room full of people I didn’t know. However, as I looked around through my tears, I realized no one was at all concerned about me and most people had their eyes closed as they sang anyway. After what seemed like an eternity (no pun intended) the singing finally ended, and another, older gentleman stood up and said “now we’re going to break into groups and pray for one another.” I wasn’t sure how this worked; what group should I be in? Do we draw numbers or what? Before long though, a few people gathered around me and I realized I was a group. Someone asked “Can we pray for you?” “Sure” I replied. When he asked what they could pray for, I had no response. I wasn't sure what I wanted prayer for. He smiled and said, “Okay,” and the group began to pray for me. I was almost immediately overcome with the most amazing feeling of warmth and peace and well-being. I never wanted it to end. I’ve since recognized that feeling as the presence of the Holy Spirit. After a few minutes, the prayer time ended and everyone went back to talking and drinking coffee. As I drove home that night I remember thinking; I don’t know what that was, but whatever it was, I have to have more!

VM: That’s such a beautiful introduction to the Holy Spirit. I bet small groups are a big priority for your church.

So some quick questions: Futbol or Football

Glenn: Aaaah, football! I’m old and futbol wasn’t well known when I was growing up.

VM: Steak, chicken, or fish?

Glenn: Steak.

VM: Sweet or salty food splurge?

Glenn: Ice cream is definitely a weakness, so that would be sweet.

VM: What’s your favorite attribute of God?

Glenn: His joy for sure!

VM: Oh nice! That’s what your co-leader said too. You guys are the joyful Latin America Leader Twins!  Do you have a book that you recommend to challenge leaders to the next level?

Glenn: I recently read Facing Danger by Anna E. Hampton. It’s focus is long-term cross-cultural ministry and risk, but it has a lot of application in any ministry setting. Really good! I also really liked Beauty Will Save The World by Brian Zahnd. I don’t know if it will challenge leaders to the next level, but it was very enjoyable. He reminds us to not overlook what God is doing everyday, in the normal course of life.

VM: Those both sound good, thanks! What is your favorite book of the Bible?

Glenn: Again “favorite” is kind of tough to answer, it changes from time to time but I’m going to go with Ephesians for right now. Paul’s prayers in chapter 1 and chapter 3 have become models of prayer for me.

VM: Moving from ancient to modern, what’s your favorite new technology or app?

Glenn: Google maps. *Chuckle* I have a terrible sense of direction.

VM: So what is it like to be called to missions and a little deficient in the sense of direction department?

Glenn: I actually have the absolute worst sense of direction on the planet! I’m a little bit ashamed to admit this, but in 15+ trips to Nicaragua I have never driven a car! I totally rely on friend Steve Fish, who has a great sense of direction, or someone else to chauffeur me around.

Although, one night Steve’s GPS failed and the two of us got pretty lost for about an hour in Managua. Steve turned down a street he thought he recognized (just an FYI, Managua’s streets literally don’t have names). Turned out it wasn’t the right street, and we gazed out our windows at an unfamiliar barrio that seemed to go on forever. It took 20 or 30 minutes, but we both realized we were significantly lost and maybe a little concern crept in. Generally Managua is a very safe city, but the area we were in looked a little sketchy, complete with fires burning in trash cans.

Steve kept driving and stopped a couple times to ask directions in his best Spanglish, but nothing. Just when I was preparing my heart to spend the night in the car, Steve shouted, “The rotunda!” He recognized a landmark ahead and navigated us back to safety. But in all of our trips that is the only time I recall really getting lost.

VM: God’s provision is great for you, both the rotunda guide and that this is the only oops you’ve experienced! I guess a driver and a working GPS go at the top of your trip planning agenda. The things we never knew! Thanks so much for sharing part of your life with us and for lending your leadership to the Latin America Region of Vineyard Missions along with Rich.

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