About this partnership

The Vineyard Ethiopia Partnership is dedicated to partnering with God to raise up an authentically Ethiopian and authentically Vineyard movement that is self-governing, self-reproducing and self-sustaining, and that gives full expression to the Kingdom of God in their local context and around the world.

Vineyard churches in the US, Scandinavia and South Africa are privileged to work alongside our Ethiopian sisters and brothers toward this end, serving them as they plant churches, make disciples and do the work of the Kingdom together with them. The partnership began in 2008, building on work begun in the two previous years. As of the spring of 2015, there are nearly 20 churches and plants, in five different areas of the country, including rural villages and three of the largest cities. We've begun to explore other initiatives as well, including water purification projects, orphan care and more.


Population: 36.6 million

Number of Vineyard Churches: Nearly 20

Primary Religion: Ethiopian Orthodox

Government: Federal Republic

Ave. Education: 7 years

About Ethiopia  

Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa, is a rugged, landlocked country split by the Great Rift Valley. With archaeological finds dating back more than 3 million years, it’s a place of ancient culture. Ethiopia's economy is based on agriculture but the government is pushing to diversify into manufacturing, textiles, and energy generation. Coffee is a major export crop. The agricultural sector suffers from poor cultivation practices and frequent drought, but recent joint efforts by the Government of Ethiopia and donors have strengthened Ethiopia's agricultural resilience, contributing to a reduction in the number of Ethiopians threatened with starvation. 


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Partnership Leader:
Jim Pool

When Jim is in Ethiopia, he feels like he's home. Since his first visit in 2008, he experiences the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony as the perfect setting for enjoying commnity. Jim happily serves as senior pastor of the Renaissance Vineyard Church outside Detroit, MI.

Current Church Partners

Partnership Opportunities

  • Partners for clean water initiatives
  • Training for church planting leaders
  • Pastoral care for leaders

Consider joining our partnership by clicking the link atop this page. Together we can impact Ethiopia for generations to come.