to make ready; prepare. 

Equipping the local church to make an impact anywhere in the world

The thought of missions, church planting and partnering with indigenous leaders in a far away nation doesn't need to be daunting or debilitating. Thanks to a common foundation outlining what it means to be a missional church -- coupled with the experiential insights of local churches who have blazed a path -- we now have extensive knowledge of what works, the cultural norms and issues that need to be considered, and the realities of what it takes to foster the growth of an indigenously-led church planting movement. 

We've compiled that information here for any local church to access.  


Grounded by common practices. Inspired by a greater purpose.

Local Church Resources

Discover how the local church can strengthen its missionsefforts at home and abroad, and move from transactional efforts to deeper relationships. 


For churches involved in a partnership, these resources will help build the relationship and provide opportunities to make a tangible impact.


Insights for short- and long-term missionaries ranging from preparing to leave to the ongoing, on-the-ground work required to raise up leaders. 

Indigenous Leader Resources

For in-country leaders who want to spiritually grow and multiply their churches within the context of the Vineyard's partnership model.

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