Missions often push churches out of their comfort zone.

For those willing to step out in faith, understanding where to go, what to do and how best to do it can be overwhelming. We help build confidence and restore a sense of comfort in this important missional work by equipping churches with the training and tools we know are proven and effective in the field.  

Through continuous feedback from our partnership leaders, we see how the missions landscape is constantly shifting. We continue to  adapt and add to our toolkit of equipping resources to meet the

needs of the local church, which includes valuable insights such as: 

  • Preparing and supporting long-term missionaries
  • Building trust in a new culture  
  • Monitoring and evaluating team and partnership goals
  • Strategizing with indigenous leaders to add value

As the local church partnerships evolve, reach new levels and become more relationally involved through short-term missions, our digital library of equipping resources can prepare any church-led team for the ongoing realities, challenges and successes that lie ahead.