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We are excited to provide to you a Country Partnership page for the nation in which you are working. The form below will help you provide the information we need in order to populate your page. Here is a sample country page so you can see what we are looking for.

Please complete the entire form before submitting. If you do not have information to add to a particular area at this time, please enter “n/a” so we know that missing information in this field isn’t an oversight.   


  • One headshot or photo of each leader to accompany name and bio (name each file with the name of the leader please)
  • A banner image for the country page (should be landscape-oriented and at least 800 pixels wide)
  • Optional: PDFs, documents, and/or photos you would like to add to your country page as resources.

Once we have set up your page we will email you so you can review it. Thank you!


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Please send links to on-line video resources for your partnership. These may be on Vimeo or Youtube. Please send the entire URL for each video.