We know that any church can participate and make a profound impact in international missions.  

We've witnessed first-hand how churches both big and small, rural and urban, affluent and of modest means, have single-handedly made a difference. But we're also seeing how a diverse group of Vineyard churches can come together to "multiply their fruit" for the good of a church plant beyond our North American borders. 

This is the power and purpose of connection through Vineyard 

Missions. Our relational efforts, both at home and abroad, help the local church better engage with international opportunities.

  • Have interest in a particular country or region? 
  • Want to collaborate with fellow Vineyard churches in the U.S. to make a stronger impact abroad? 
  • Need guidance on where to offer your support?

We can help. When you connect with Vineyard Missions, you'll be on the fast track to making connections that will change lives.