About this partnership

Our Vision

The Vineyard Colombia Partnership desires to play a part in birthing a church planting movement in Colombia through evangelism, leadership training, and the facilitating of local Colombian churches in church planting. We believe that this can only be accomplished relationally as we connect our local congregations, through short and long-term commitments, to the people of Colombia.

Background Information

Colombia is a large and diverse country. It has endured a long and costly civil war that ended in 2017 with the FARC laying down their arms. This has resulted in a freedom to move in the country that most have never experienced. We feel that the time is ripe for church planting and kingdom expansion.


As of November, 2018 there are 4 established churches, 1 adoption in process and 3 plants in the early stages. We just held the first Colombia Vineyard National Conference and came away with a shared vision for growth through church planting in Colombia.

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Population: 47.6 million

Number of Vineyard Churches: 4

Primary Religion: Roman Catholicism 

Government: Republic

Ave. Education: 14 years 

About Colombia

Colombia, at the northern tip of South America, is a country of lush rain forest, towering mountains and coffee plantations. Colombia's consistently sound economic policies and aggressive promotion of free trade agreements in recent years have bolstered its ability to weather external shocks. Colombia depends heavily on energy and mining exports, making it vulnerable to a drop in commodity prices. Colombia is the world's fourth largest coal exporter and Latin America's fourth largest oil producer.


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Partnership Leader:
Duke Lancaster

Duke, along with his wife, Marie, are the Senior Pastors of Vineyard Church of Jackson Mississippi. He has been in the Vineyard since 1992 and has also led churches in Arkansas and Southern California. He has been involved in Colombia for over 25 years and has led the partnership since 2017.

Current Church Partners

  • Vineyard Church of Jackson (Mississippi)

  • Vineyard Church of Houston

  • Vineyard Church of Brazosport

Partnership Opportunities

Consider joining our partnership by clicking the link atop this page. Together we can impact Colombia for generations to come.