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We are an emerging partnership that launched in 2015 that currently has initiatives in two regions of Belize; a small, beautiful country situated at the crossroads of the Caribbean and Latin America. It’s populated by a mix of ten different cultures including East Indian, Garifuna, Mestizo, Maya, and Creole.

One of our partnership initiatives is in the Cayo District in the western part of the country near the Guatemalan border. Here we are working in some of the poorest villages to help meet the critical needs of adequate healthcare, education, and spiritual formation.
In addition to providing free medical clinics on a regular basis, we are training and equipping local community health workers who can provide rudimentary health services in the villages year-round.

We recently became field partners for Vitamin Angels, a charity whose mission is to provide life-saving nutrients to mothers and children who are at risk. We are also piloting a clean water program to address the many health concerns that result from drinking unfiltered river water.

There is currently no high school in the villages we work in, and so we partnered with a missionary couple, David and Dupe Adegbami, who are establishing a Christian school that will give children access to this level of education as well as provide an environment where we can help to nurture their spiritual lives.

The other partnership initiative is in the town of San Pedro on the island of Ambergris Caye, nestled in the azure waters of the Caribbean. Human trafficking is a major problem on the island, and while some work is being done with ministries who specialize in trafficking rescues, the primary focus here is on preventive programs.

One such program is called SHINE: Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment. It has been well-received in the community and has helped many girls grow and develop skills to break the patterns of poverty, family dysfunction, and abuse.
More recently we helped renovate a local prostitution house that the government had shut down. In partnership with two other local organizations, we opened up Hope Haven, a safe house for children and a SHINE activity center, in the heart of San Pedro. There are currently programs operating there on a weekly basis.

While all of these various ministries are meeting some very real needs in Belize, ultimately our long-term vision is to see healthy Vineyard churches planted throughout the nation, including the raising up and releasing of indigenous leaders to pastor those churches. We are incredibly excited for what the future holds for the Vineyard in Belize. There are tremendous needs and tremendous potential.

Join us in Belize

We’re excited about what God is doing in Belize! There is tremendous need and tremendous potential. We’d love to have more Vineyard churches partner with us in this work. If you think you might be interested, please get in touch!


Population: 340 thousand

Number of Vineyard Churches: 0

Primary Religion: Roman Catholicism and Protestant

Government: Parliamentary Democracy and a Commonwealth realm

Ave. Education: 14 years

About Belize 

Belize is a small country, with a total population of only about 340,000 people. English is the official language, although Creole and Spanish are spoken as well. The villages where we will be working initially are very poor, and are made up largely of immigrants from other Central American countries, so Spanish is their first language. While the nation has many Christian churches, which have grown out of past missionary activity, less than 10% of the population are regularly involved in those churches. Addiction, poverty, and human trafficking are major problems in Belize.


The World Fact Book: South America and Caribbean: Belize. 2015. Retrieved 6 July 2015

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Partnership Leader:
Adam & Kat Arn


Current Church Partners

Vineyard Church, Grafton, WI
Blue Ridge Vineyard, Asheville, NC

Partnership Opportunities

There is a tremendous need for healthy Vineyard churches to bring the message of God’s grace and goodness, and to provide the kind of ministry and discipleship that can bring life and freedom to the people of Belize. We would love to have more Vineyard churches join us in this work! If you would like to partner with us, or want more information, contact us.

Consider joining our partnership by clicking the link atop this page. Together we can impact Belize for generations to come.